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Writing your Myth



The goal of this class is to help the student gain a deeper understanding of how to translate one’s life to its epic dimensions, find one’s personal myth, and compose a narrative that brings the wisdom, suffering, triumph, and healing elixir back from one’s individual heroic journey in service to the healing of ourselves, our families, our communities, and all those touched by the horrors of violence, abuse, and trauma, and suffer from Soul Distress.

You will be asked to return to the full story of your life from beginning to the present, map out the narrative, linking the archetypal dimensions with the specific moments of your hero's journey, and begin to translate your life into the epic dimensions.  You will see your life through the eyes of your hero: you.  When we lift our story to the epic dimensions, we transcend our suffering, and turn our wounds into wisdom.   

Course Syllabus

Part One: The Mythic Mind

What is myth?  And why are our imaginations littered with the stories of heroes, gods, and goddesses of ancient times?  Is there a universal pattern underlying the stories which have come down to us?  These questions and more will be the focus of the first six weeks of the class as we dive into the mythic mind.  We will read Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces, and Stephen Larsen's The Mythic Imagination.  You will learn the universal prescription which is inherent in the hero and heroine stories of old and begin to establish a framework with how to write your own.  We will enter into the mythic realm, connect with these archetypal energies lying dormant within, and awaken the full expression of these patterns to bring forth their healing powers to animate our individual myths. 

Part Two: Writing your Myth

These last six weeks, we focus on the creation, development, and writing of your myth.  We will map out the mythic narrative – overlay your story with Campbell’s road map, and distill your own biographical material into the archetypal patterns operating underneath.  We will examine the fullness of each archetype that is identified in your mythic story and break down the light and shadow qualities.  We will weave together all of the major turning points or events in your life into a complete, comprehensive, transformational story that translates your life into the epic dimensions.  Our focus is on revealing, mapping, and living your myth.  And discovering the power you have to heal your deepest wounds when you connect to the universal power hidden in the revelation of your own, unique mythic journey.  

All students will be expected to participate in the classes, read the materials, and to write and share their myths with the entire group on the last day.

Purchase:  $600

Course will begin April 21, 2021, and will meet every Wednesday evening for 10 weeks on zoom.  All interested students must pay tuition in full or you can speak with me about an installment plan.  No refunds once class begins.  Dedicated students only.  All materials and books for the course must be purchased separately.  Class size limit: 10.

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